After-Sale Service

Based on the quality tenet of “quality first, customer first”, we make the following commitments to product quality, technical service and after-sales service:

1. Product quality commitment
The company guarantees that the products supplied are made with reasonable technology and qualified materials and meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements specified in the contract. Ensure that the product has been installed, operated and maintained properly and has satisfactory performance over its applicable life. After the product manufacturing is completed, our company conducts detailed and comprehensive testing of product quality and performance according to regulations to ensure that the quality meets the requirements and issues of product certifications and inspection records. And notify the buyer to come to the factory to inspect and accept the equipment.

The product warranty period is 12 months after the installation and commissioning are qualified. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for any deficiency or failure due to defects in design, technology, and materials, and at the same time extend the warranty period for replacement and repair parts accordingly. Outside of the warranty period, our company only charges the cost of fittings for the lifetime warranty of the valve provided.

2. Technical service commitment
2.1 Staff support
During the quality guarantee period, professional technicians are dispatched to provide the necessary training for the users. If the test finds that the performance deviates from the original technical requirements due to product quality problems, the company is responsible for solving them until the requirements are met.

2.2 Technical information
To ensure the quality of the project, the relevant technical documents and drawings specified in the bidding documents are delivered on time. Provide users with detailed technical information about new products at any time.

2.3  Service response period
Customer quality complaints, reply within 2 hours of working hours and follow up until troubleshooting.