Since 1992, DGX is one of the leading & reliable stainless steel valve, pump, manhole, pipe fitting, tube and tank accessories suppliers & exporters with a pioneering approach to deliver the best products & services to our esteemed customers, to meeting the precise needs and demands of our customers from various industries.

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The full bore design with zero flow restriction makes the DGX range the optimum choice for viscous or particulate liquids.

DGX 2PC Internal Thread Ball Vale

2PC Ball Valve

DGX 3PC Weldd Ball Valve - Side

3PC Ball Valve

Flange ball valve

Flanged Ball Valve

3 Way Ball Valve

DGX Three Way Low Platform Internal Thread Ball Valve

4 Way Ball Valve

DGX 4 Way Internal Thread Ball Valve

1PC Ball Valve

Tank Car Ball Valve

Sanitary Ball Valve


DGX supplies stainless steel sanitary valve, such as butterfly valve, check valve, safety valve, sample valve, and other valves.

Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Sanitary Butterfly Valve

DGX Check Valve

Sanitary Check Valve

Sanitary Safety Valve

DGX Tank Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve New Type - Front

Sanitary Sample Valve

DGX Sanitary Brewery Sample Valve - Front

DGX pumps meet your demands for hygienic, efficient, economic. Centrifugal Pump, Negative Pressure Pump, Self-priming Pump, and Rotor Pump are available.

sanitary centrifugal pump
sanitary negative pressure pump
sanitary return pump(self-priming pump)
sanitary rotor pump

DGX sanitary stainless steeel manholes fulfill high quality tank opening.

Sanitary Pressure Manhole

Pressure Manhole

DGX Round Quick-open Manhole

Non-pressure Manhole

Oval Manhole

Stainless Steel Oval Manhole with Bevel

Rectangular Manhole

Sanitary Rectangular Manhole

Link the pipe, fit your trust. DGX fully meet the different needs of the market.


We provide the perfect supports for your tanks.

DGX Dual Revalveel Cleaner Rotary Cleaning Ball - Side

Rotary Cleaning Ball

DGX Rotary Spray Head Cleaning Ball

Rotating Spray Head

DGX Tank Top Safety Component GAZ-2S

Tank Top Component

DGX Sanitary Sight Glass with Battery Powered LED Light and Brush

Sight Glass with LED

DGX Sanitary Stainless Steel Sight Glass Clamp Type

In-line Sight Glass

More Accessories


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