Project Description

Sanitary Self-priming Pump (Return Pump)


DGX Sanitary Self-priming Pump (Return Pump) is a positive displacement pumpis, which can handle the transportation of some gas-containing materials. The pump is widely used in various situations where the liquid level is unstable or even the liquid level is lower than the pump inlet. Beside, it is also used as a backhaul in a CIP system.

During the priming cycle, air enters the pump and mixes with water at the impeller. Water and air are discharged together by centrifugal action of the impeller into the water reservoir. The air naturally tends to rise, while the water tends to sink.

If a pump is located beneath the level of the liquid to be pumped, gravity and air pressure ensure that it is constantly filled with the liquid and there can be no ingress of air into the pump or suction line.

This type of pump differs from a standard centrifugal pump in that it has a water reservoir built into the unit which enables it to rid pump and suction line of air by recirculating water within the pump on priming cycle. In either case, the “self-priming” capability of the pump comes from the pump’s ability to retain water after the very first prime.

There are different types of pump inlet and outlet, such as 90°, Parallel, and Universal.

  • Low maintenance and reliable sealing

  • Clean design and Elegant appearance

  • Higher efficiency and Noise reduction

  • Investment casting pump head

  • Parts interchangeability

  • Designed for CIP (Cleaning In Place) and SIP (Sterilizing In Place)

  • Broad range of operating temperatures and pressures

  • No Special tools needed

  • Choice of various body materials and connection types

  • Smooth finish


  • Size: DIN(DN25~DN100), ISO(Ф32~Ф102)

  • Flow: 5T ~ 80T(m³/h)

  • Power: 2.2KW ~ 15KW

  • Standard: DIN, ISO, SMS

  • Material: 304(1.4301)/316L(1.4404)

  • Seal: EPDM, FPM

  • Shaft seal: The static ring of machanical seal is composed of 316L with graphite, the dynamic ring is made of silicon carbide.

  • Impeller: Shutter impeller

  • Max. inlet pressure: 5bar(0.5MPa)

  • Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 120°C(14°F ~ 248°F)

  • Connection:  Clamp, Threaded, Welding, Flange

  • OEM and ODM are available

  • Brand: ABB(default), optional:Siemens or other

  • Type: M2BAX Three-phase AC motor, voltage can be adjusted as required.

  • explosion-proof: Available

  • Standard: protection grade of IP55, insulation grade of Class F

  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

  • Working mode: Continuity(SI)

  • Rotation speed: 1450 r/min(standard)

  • performance: low noise, low vibration