Project Description

Regulating Tank Breathing Valve

DGX Regulating Tank Breathing Valve consists of a valve body with a valve seat, cover, plug and springs. It is a spring loaded safety valve. You can regulate the working pressure according to different process.

The valve is a reliable, automatic air-relief valve. It is installed vertically on the top of a pipeline or container. It can prevent overpressure or vacuum in tanks and vessels, to avoid damages to human and equipment.

Tank Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve is also called breathing valve. The valve is used in pressure vessel piping systems, to ensure the safety of equipment and related instruments.

When the pressure is normal, the valve is closed. If the pressure changes, the spring in the valve is compressed or stretched. If the equipment pressure is higher than the set pressure (standard 1 bar), the valve will automatically open for venting. When a vacuum (standard -0.2 bar) is generated in the piping system, the valve will automatically open for allowing outside air to enter the container, preventing the container from being flattened.

The valve is made of stainless steel and has a hygienic design. It is suitable for various industrial fields such as food processing, beer, beverage, and pharmaceutical.

  • Low maintenance and reliable sealing

  • Mechanically stops of the valve disc

  • Fast and convenient

  • Hygienic design

  • Good control characteristics

  • No Special tools needed

  • Smooth finish

  • Size: 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″

  • Material: 304(1.4301)/316L(1.4404)

  • Seal: EPDM

  • Pressure: 1 bar / -0.2 bar

  • Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 95°C(14°F ~ 203°F)

  • Connection:  Clamp

  • Surface treatment: Inside: Ra≤0.8μmm; Outside: Matt blasted or sandblast

  • OEM and ODM are available