Project Description

Pneumatic Tank Bottom Valve

DGX Pneumatic Tank Bottom Valve, also known as discharge valve, is a sanitary valve. The compact structure ensures installation in a small space. This series of valves has the advantages of no dead angle, no residue, and no leakage of discharged or sealed materials. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, food and other health industry industries.

The compressed air pushes the piston in the pneumatic actuator and the valve stem in the valve body up / down, to make the valve seat extend into the container, the valve is open. When the air compression is lower than the spring force or no gas compression, the piston is pushed down / up by the spring. At the same time, the valve stem moves down / up to close the valve. The valve seat is lifted to the bottom of the tank when it is opened, so it can prevent accidental opening of the valve even though there is excessive pressure in the tank.

Attention: The valve has two style: up-operating ans down-operating.

  • Low maintenance and reliable sealing

  • Fast and convenient

  • Broad range of operating temperatures and pressures

  • No dead angle, no residue, no leakage

  • No Special tools needed

  • Choice of various body materials and connection types

  • Smooth finish

  • Size: DN40~DN100

  • Material: Valve body:304/316L, other:304

  • Seal: EPDM, PTFE

  • Pressure: 145psi (10bar)

  • Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 120°C(14°F ~ 248°F)

  • Connection:  Clamp, Welding, Flange

  • Operating:  Pneumatic, manual

  • Surface treatment: Inside: Mirror polishing Ra≤0.8μmm; Outside: Matt-polished

  • OEM and ODM are available