Project Description

Hydralic Check Vavle Tri-Clamp

DGX Hydralic Check Vavle Tri-Clamp consists of valve body, valve disc, clamp, spool, ring and seal. It can be specified for a specific opening pressure.

Check valve also known as non-return valve, one-way valve, or retaining valve. It is designed for use in hygienic installations to prevent medium backflow. The valve will work automatically according to the opening pressure in the pipeline. So it don’t be controlled by a person or any external control.

The valve body is in two parts, assembled by means of a clamp ring and hygienically sealed with a special seal ring. A guide disc and legs guide the spring loaded valve plug with an O-ring seal.

The valve is available with welding ends for tubes according to ISO and DIN 11850.

Non-return valve opens when the pressure below the valve plug exceeds the pressure above the plug and the spring force. The valve closes when pressure equalization has been achieved. A higher counter pressure will press the valve plug against the seat. It’s available for horizontal, vertical applications and are working well without leaking while getting a return pressure.

  • Low maintenance and reliable sealing

  • Fast and convenient

  • Broad range of operating temperatures and pressures

  • No Special tools needed

  • Choice of various body materials and connection types

  • Smooth finish

  • Size: DIN(DN15~DN100), 3A/IDF(1/2″~4″), ISO(Ф12.7~Ф108)

  • Standard: DIN, ISO, SMS

  • Material: 304(1.4301)/304L(1.4307)/316L(1.4404)

  • Seal: Silicone(VMQ), EPDM, FPM, NBR

  • Opening pressure: 4.5psi/0.3 bar (DN25/1″), 3 psi/0.2 bar (DN32/0.75″ to DN40/1.5″), 1.5 psi/0.1 bar (DN50/2″ to DN100/4″)

  • Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 120°C(14°F ~ 248°F)

  • Connection:  Clamp, Threaded, Welding

  • OEM and ODM are available